Follow Betstar Review For Pros And Cons Of Bookmaker

Ladbrokes owns Bestar which was founded in Australian land. Though it left hands of Ladbrokes in between, again he got ownership and he runs this bookmaker quite successfully till today. Betstar Review helps in analyzing goods and bad features of this bookmaker. To start off with goods, just like any other bookmaker website Betstar also offers welcome bonuses. However, it offers up to 250 dollars with 100 dollars used as initial deposit. If you deposit an amount, double of it would be your start up money for betting. Withdrawal options are quite satisfactory. Deposits can be made from any possible ways. Australian currency is only option to play betting with. Depending on odds, withdrawal can also be initiated through wire transfer mode.

Web look of Betstar is amazing with natural theme and attractive choice of colors. Players get quick bet option enabled in their dashboard. Sports columns are carefully placed at their right places so it looks more user friendly. Though mobile betting is possible for players, only Android smart phones can be used but not others. Moreover, minimum amount to be used for betting is 20 Australian dollars if it is done through mobile phones. Best attractive feature about Betstar is their “Betstar visa card” which is used for allowing withdrawals from their betting account. Just like debit card, you can directly use this card in any ATM to make withdrawals. Withdrawal has its upper limit of 1000 Australian dollars where you can directly swipe card to purchase with upper limit of about 5000 dollars per day. This Betstar Review discussed on best features and negatives about Betstar.